The Evaluation of Project 360

Researchers at the University of Leicester have provided an independent evaluation of Project 360.



The randomized-control trial was run over a 6-month period and evaluated more than 1,000 unique cases, making this the largest RCT of its kind.

All cases involve households which experience repeat domestic violence.

Summary of Selected Results

The Project 360 engagement worker contacts victims to assist in accessing non-police support services and create a bespoke action plan.

The integration of engagement workers within the police force is a key feature of Project 360. This is important for three reasons:
  1. Rapid response,
  2. Enhanced information,
  3. Embedding of non-police service expertise within the police.
                64% of victims contacted by an engagement worker engaged with the voluntary intervention.

The Project 360 intervention leads to:
  • Higher levels of victim satisfaction with police services.
  • A 42% increase in victim willingness to report future incidents to police.
  • A 34% reduction in victim contact with perpetrators.
  • Victim reporting improvements in family life and quality of life overall.

Recent Presentations of Evaluation

  Royal Economic Society Meeting

   University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

   11 April 2017

  IZA Workshop on Family and Gender Economics

   IZA, Bonn, Germany

   02 April 2017

  Leicestershire Evidence Based Policing Conference

   Leicestershire Police, Leicester, UK

   24 March 2017

  Policing Domestic Violence: New Evidence for Practice conference

    University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

   23 March 2017